KUST holds symposium on World Pharmacists Day

On September 25th, 2022, which coincides with World Pharmacists Day, Komar University of Science and Technology held a symposium in the hope of raising awareness of the role pharmacists can play in the community; as well as discussing the possibilities of bridging the gap between pharmacy and other fields. At the start of the symposium, both professor Salahalddin Saeed Ali, the university’s president, and Dr. Tarza Jamal, the chairperson of the pharmacy department gave a speech welcoming all the guests and panelists. The symposium consisted of two panels moderated by KUST faculty members from the pharmacy department. The first panel titled “Implementation of the role of the pharmacist” which focused on the role of pharmacists in tertiary care and how they can collaborate with other healthcare professionals to improve patient care. The second panel titled “bridging pharmacy across different fields”. During this part, the panelists discussed the roles and responsibilities of graduates as community pharmacists in the society, and the personal qualities they should possess in order to be successful.

Further discussions were on different roles of the pharmacist in academia. The panelists stressed the importance of having a long-term plans and vision which requires a lot of patience to achieve academic goals and be engaged in post-graduate studies. The discussions continued to include the drive for success stressing on the importance of intrinsic motivation to be able to succeed in the future. All panelists reflected on their personal experiences from start to where they are today. The panels were followed by questions from the audience. At the end, all panelists were awarded KUST appreciation from the Dr. Kawis Aziz, vice president for Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. Dr. Tarza Jamal also awarded community pharmacists appreciation who helped KUST students with summer training programs.