Komar University takes a pioneering initiative on World Cancer Day

To prove that education goes beyond the confines of the classroom by taking an active role in the community and in honour of World Cancer Day on the February 4th, Komar University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Kurdistan Society for Cancer Patient Support (KSCPS), and under the supervision of Union of International Cancer Control (UICC) took an initiative, the first ever 5K challenge held at Azadi Park in the city of Sulaimani. This ground-breaking initiative was spearheaded by Dr. Naschmil Abdulla, a faculty member at the Department of Pharmacy.

In this event, over 150 participants from diverse social backgrounds, and age groups actively engaged in the initiative. The event showcased a commitment to raising awareness about cancer but also underscored the importance of proactive measures in the fight against this pervasive disease. This effort exemplifies the power of education and community engagement in creating positive change on a broader scale.

Participation in the 5K marathon challenge during World Cancer Day was holding significant importance as it served as a powerful way to raise awareness, promote a healthy lifestyle, and support initiatives. The physical activity involved in a 5K challenge not only encourages fitness but also symbolizes the collective effort needed to combat cancer.

Moreover, the proceeds generated from the challenge were allocated to the Zhianawa Cancer Center. By organizing and participating in a 5K challenge on World Cancer Day, individuals actively engaged in the global fight against cancer, demonstrating that small steps collectively lead to substantial positive impacts on public health and well-being.

Komar University of Science and Technology’s involvement in this initiative on World Cancer Day exemplifies its continuous commitment to community engagement and the promotion of public health. This initiative highlights the university’s dedication to transcending traditional educational boundaries, actively contributing to societal well-being and awareness around critical global issues like cancer.