Pharmacy Department Student at Komar University translates two medical books from the University of Oxford into Kurdish

Hazhan Qadir, a student of the Department of Pharmacy at the Komar University of Science and Technology, has recently translated two important books from the University of Oxford entitled “Food” and “Medicine” These two books are one of the first attempts at medical translation in the Kurdish library, which aims to enrich the Kurdish library in the field of pure sciences in general and medical science in particular. It is also an attempt to show the fact that Kurdish, like any other language, is a language rich in medical and scientific terms. The 282-page book “Medicine” and the 200-page book “Food” discuss the positive and negative aspects of medicine and food. The importance of these books largely lies in the fact that they focus on the discussion of theories. Instead of just discussing the history of medicine and how the science itself emerged, these books discuss how various drugs work in the human body and look at the complex technical steps that pharmaceutical companies take to develop and launch a new drug. In parallel with the analysis of all the current issues and problems related to the issue of food and medicine, both in Western and Eastern countries.