Pharmacy student Internship Program

A joint seminar under the title of “Pharmacy student internship Program” was held by Mr Ranjdar H Saeed, director of the Office of Career Development Center (CDC) and Dr Naschmil Abdulla Coordinator of the Pharmacy department.

The department of pharmacy and CDC at Komar University of Science and Technology aims at the graduation of a competent pharmacist who competes in the work market and provisions the
pharmacy service on basis of commitment to the systems of quality of education and continuous improvement.

In light of this, the seminar aimed to introduce students to the internship program that is offered to students at Komar University of Science and Technology. During the seminar, an introduction to the training program, syllabi, training manual and the various pharmaceutical disciplines aiming to prepare them to compete effectively in the job market following graduation was highlighted to the students.

Furthermore, students have been introduced to their registration to the internship program of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE), Kurdistan Region Government. In addition, the importance of the training program in terms of external and academic supervisors as well as the director of the Office of Career Development Center feedback to students, which
will be held securely in the student’s electronic profile by MHE that can be used by students as a future reference for their career, has been brought to light.