Azad K Saeed

Dr Azad Saeed

Assistant Professor & Pathologist, MSc in Pathology University of Sulaimani Sulaymaniyah, KRG, Iraq
Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Sulaimani University/KRG/ Iraq
MSc in pathology, Sulaimani University/Sulaimani University/KRG/ Iraq
Scientific degree: Assistant Professor
Cellphone: 07702203639
Birthdate: 15.08.1982
As part time, I am teaching the General Pathology Lab for the third year students at Komar University of Science & Technology.


[Bachelor’s degree]
2000 – 2006
Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (B.VM&S)
with the standard good, my average grade for five academic year
is [71.3] and stood the 2nd out of twenty-five graduates, for first trial.
College of Veterinary Medicine-Sulaimani University
[MSc in Pathology]
2009 – 2011
MSc in Pathology with grade good [78.72]
Anatomy and Histopathology Department, College of Veterinary
Medicine Sulaimani University
MSc thesis title: EGFR protein expression after UVB radiation of
mouse skin utilizing IHC technique, evaluation of total antioxidant
status and assessing affectivity of antioxidants on EGFR expression.


a) Book chapter:
Nanotechnology in Relevance to Dermatology: A Perspective Review in the book, Advances in Nanotechnology. Volume
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