The grand opening ceremony of Komar Pharmacy Building

On the beautiful morning of Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at KUST campus with the presence of his excellency Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and a number of distinguished guests, the grand opening of Komar medical laboratory, dental clinics, pharmacy, and dentistry buildings took place. The buildings are equipped with state of the art of medical equipment which undoubtedly has taken education to the next level.

“I thank Komar University for constructing admirable buildings and rising the academic level of the university” said the minister. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Anwar Sheikha, better known as the father of cancer, stated “In the most beautiful plot of the city, the three investors of KUST must be commended for this marvelous attainment. I believe that Komar University is destined to become a bright spot in the academia of the city, the region and the entire country”.

Finally, in his wise speech, Prof. Dr. Salahalddin Saeed Ali, KUST president, emphasized that KUST will continue enriching students with high level of proficiency in the English scientific language and the language of professional communication, high academic level in their field of specialization and with abundant self-confidence.